How is A Week of Singles Sailing Holidays?

Are you planning to join sailing vacation singles trip? That’s a great idea. But if you are going to enjoy the sailing experience for the very first time, it is good to collect some information in advance about what to expect on this trip.
Here we are going to talk about the week-long holiday at the Balearic Islands. These trips are specially designed for people who are completely unknown to each other and they are allowed to have lots of fun while sailing the islands. IMAG0246-peq
The very first thing you need to understand about singles sailing holidays is that these are participatory activities where you have to handle lots of duties like washing dishes, cooking, cleaning and many more.
These travel holidays are celebrated in sailboats in the length of 12 to 16 meters. Every boat used to have around 6 to 10 participants along with skipper stay. In order to make this off board sailing trips successful, you have to maintain tolerance and facilitate coexistence.
On the first day of sail trip, we will gather at a coffee shop in the port near the embarkation docks by 16:30. After having a short introductory talk, we will get accommodated into cozy sailboats. The distribution of persons in the boat is preferably done on the basis of ages and we try to balance men and women equally in all boats. Most often, cabin partners are of the same gender. The trip begins with captain’s talk where he will introduce you all to onboard behavior, safety rules, boat details and you will also prepare the grocery shopping list. Then we will collect items from the supermarket and after having dinner at the port, we will departure by midnight.
The journey for sailing trips will begin from Valencia in the night time. It is important to carry essential anti-dizziness pills as most people will need it by the first night. After sailing for the whole night, we will reach Ibiza by next morning where we will have bathe, dive, swimming and pirogue session. The daily routine use to be simple and there are few schedules activities that are guided time to time by the team. We will have lots of fun at different stunning destinations and then during farewell at Valencia, we will enjoy dinner and few drinks together. By the Saturday morning, we will leave the boats at 8 am.

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